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 Farewell Project-Lipp i guess?

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Owner Sunny

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PostSubject: Farewell Project-Lipp i guess?   Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:02 pm

Hey people, if anybody is still there..
its me ;D
aka, sunny, phat x, or mr sinz...oh and pk fever pk lol Smile

well i guess this server's downfall has long since arrived...that sucks...oh well, i guess thats what you get for having power abusive staff...

whats this mafiascape crap going on now? wth? were you guys too lazy to make your own damn site or something?

i dont think my questions will ever be answered, but it was worth a try and im just throwin them out there just in case Smile

Nice knowing you Lippscape, Project - Lipp, too bad i wasnt here to witness the end...oh yeah thats right, the stupid ass abusive staff member DAN banned me Smile what a bitch haha, i thought we were friends, but oh well guess not. you can never trust a horny ass ugly white kid these days now huh?
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Farewell Project-Lipp i guess?
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